Stephanie Stein

Hawaii / Day 2

*There is tasteful, artful nudity on this post. If this offends you, skip this one!*

Day 2 in Hawaii….. Emzy and Caleigh and I did the Kea’au middle ridge hike on the west side of O’ahu. This was a little bit of a challenge for me, seeing that Charleston SC is a big flat plane….. but I was game for it. We had some issues finding the trail, but after Emzy climbed up the big scary look out, was found the path through a fence and into the brush. We scrambled through some tall grass and up over some rocks….out onto a HUGE rock ridge. Looking over the edge was 100000 feet fall to the death. This was an empowering moment for me. I was SO EXCITED. I felt no fear. I’ve been a little baby about heights for my whole life, crying about climbing down lighthouses and refusing to take glass elevators. In June last year, I took the plummet and sky dived for the first time. I wanted to face my fear, and it turns out it worked! I was able to cross over with confidence and enjoyed it all. After we got to the other side, we started our naked hike and photoshoots. I love photographing people in their true form, and being a nudist, it just felt right. We had a beautiful picnic and basked in the sunshine. Truly a perfect day.  

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