Beth Massage

Beth is a massage therapist in Charleston SC. Beth and I have worked on a few different projects together and every time they are unique. She is not only an amazing massage therapist, but a very talented model. 

Check out her massage page:

“ I love working with Stephanie, we’ve done multiple shoots together and all have had different themes. Each time she’s been able to direct and capture beautiful images. It seems nothing is out of her comfort zone, and each photo yields beautiful angles that many wouldn’t think of. She’s able to add light and a feel of dream to anything she does, and our massage shoot was no different!” - Beth 

Don Crescendo Shoot

 I finally got to shoot Don Crescendo to do some creative promo shots for his tour. My next step is to begin photographing males for my portfolio and Don was a prefect introduction to this. Look at him serving the looks! He will be performing at my art opening, June 8th at the Purple Buffalo 7-10pm. ( ) you can listen to his tunes online here:

“Shooting was lots of fun. Stephanie and I came up with outfits and backgrounds on a whim and that’s the energy I vibe with most. It was a blast and I enjoyed being a model even if only for an hour” -Don

Paris Trip

Hello Friends! 

I’ve been a little absent this month because I took two weeks off to travel to Paris France with my mother, grandma and best friend/sister Emily. It was such an adventure! We went to the Palace of Versailles, Monets Garden and explored all around the city. I went to all the museums and ate the most amazing food. Seeing the art that I studied from childhood touched my heart. I did not expect to be tearing up, but seeing the the little dancer by Edgar Degas started my waterworks! I also really enjoyed going to the Gustav Klimt digital show, I got so many photos of Emily and she took some of me. I originally was not going to take my camera, but I’m so glad I did. I got to see my dear friend Monqiue (who lives in the city!) and Bergen (she’s a flight attendant, don’t scroll past her luggage shots)! What an experience of a life time, I hope you enjoy a little peak into my two weeks in Europe! 

xxx Steph

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