Kelly Portraits

Kelly is the owner of Mission yoga, my favorite studio in Charleston. I could listen to this woman talk forever! She wanted to do some lifestyle, casual shoots that were less posed, more raw and real. I had a blast chatting, exploring, giggling and especially entertaining the tourists that road by. 

“I have been teaching yoga for 15 years and I’ve had my picture taken a lot. I’ll be honest though, I don’t enjoy being under a microscope in that way. Stephanie really made me feel relaxed and allowed me to be playful. My guard came down and she was able to capture a very genuine representation of my personality. Her skill at capturing raw moments while editing and curating beautiful images is impressive. I love these photos. Beauty, rawness, realness and vulnerability are hard to come by in the world of self branding. Stephanie Stein captures and conveys these things with ease. I will work with her again I’m sure.”

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