Stephanie Stein

Amie & Kevin Engagement

Another surprise engagement session from yours truly! Kevin came to me a week before, we scouted out the location and prepped everything to make sure it was perfect. Let me tell you, I was so mind blown with how thoughtful and sweet he was. The actual proposal went amazing and Kevin even brought Amie outfit changes. When Amie was talking to me about their relationship, I started crying myself. I am so blessed to be able to capture these true genuine moments. 

Best of luck to these adorable love birds!

“When I decided to propose to my girlfriend I knew that I wanted something big and special. She loves surprises but is VERY hard to surprise and I knew I’d have to plan everything perfectly to pull it off. And I knew that having the moment captured in high quality and beautiful photos would mean so much to her. Stephanie was amazing to work with from the second I reached out to her and the photos she took of the proposal perfectly captured the energy and excitement. We did an engagement shoot right after the proposal as part of the package and I love that the pictures are not posed and cheesy, they’re just authentic shots of us together being in love and enjoying the moment. She had the photos back to us so quickly and we love them all. Thank you for everything!” - Kevin 

“My boyfriend proposed Sunday with a huge surprise and it was such a whirlwind moment I am so grateful he thought to have Stephanie there so I can have this moment captured forever. Stephanie I cried looking through the pictures you sent. Thank you so much. 😭😭😭” -Amie

Latex Body Glitter

C and I created this latex, body glitter shoot last week! Working with glitter and nude models are my favorite combo! As I was leading her into the woods to this beautiful tree, she says : “Yeah, I’ve seen your work, I knew you’d have me posing in the woods!” LOL. This latex paint was INSANE, I’m glad we had a crew to help with the makeup and painting. More shoots like this PLEASE

Chap & Sjaan Engagment

This is my first SURPRISE engagment session with Chap and Sjaan. WOW this was an experience. Chap had been secret texting me, showing me where to hide and how to sneak into their backyard for the week. I managed not to be seen and caught this real moment. Afterwards we had some breakfast and headed off for a photoshoot. These two own Fig Jam Studio and do wedding videography. A stellar team, I’m honored to be able to capture their love. 

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