Stephanie Stein

Sarah Wedding

I photographed Sarah and Trey’s wedding to kick off my 2018 wedding season! This special day took place in Ravenel on the marsh. I’m so blessed to be able to be there for such a beautiful wedding.

LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM ALL! Thank you so much for taking such beautiful pictures of us. They turned out so well, I couldn’t be happier!” -Sarah 

Emily Stein Fine Artist

Emily Stein is a fine artist (as well as my talented sister) located in New Orleans. She needed new head shots and a serious new website design. She felt like her images didn’t represent her art today. We took her head shots inside her magical home studio which created a very intimate setting. I also photographed her 3D art series and her 2D paintings. You can view the website I re designed for her here:

“Stephanie was really easy and professional to work with. She was patient and was able to communicate well with me if there was something on my website I wanted changed. Was extremely pleased with the end product.” - Emily Stein

Hobby Lobby Challenge

I’ve been seeing the “Hobby Lobby Challenge” photos all over the internet and thought this would be a fun shoot! The challenge is to go into the store and shoot a model using the props in store. Kendra and Abby came along to play and model for me. Here are some of the behind the scenes and finished photos.

Using Format