Emily Stein Fine Artist

Emily Stein is a fine artist (as well as my talented sister) located in New Orleans. She needed new head shots and a serious new website design. She felt like her images didn’t represent her art today. We took her head shots inside her magical home studio which created a very intimate setting. I also photographed her 3D art series and her 2D paintings. You can view the website I re designed for her here:


“Stephanie was really easy and professional to work with. She was patient and was able to communicate well with me if there was something on my website I wanted changed. Was extremely pleased with the end product.” - Emily Stein

Hobby Lobby Challenge

I’ve been seeing the “Hobby Lobby Challenge” photos all over the internet and thought this would be a fun shoot! The challenge is to go into the store and shoot a model using the props in store. Kendra and Abby came along to play and model for me. Here are some of the behind the scenes and finished photos.

Joseph Dubay

Joseph Dubay is a talented musician in the Charleston area. Joseph is working on rebranding himself so we did a mini shoot in the chART wall of murals. You can see more information about the location here: https://www.facebook.com/chARTinitiative/?pnref=story  

You can find Josephs music on spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7hKjAmQje8IE7SkL2KV7Rx 

“As a musician, I love the freedom to make my music into anything I want it to be. I knew I needed some professional photos taken for my social media and Spotify, but I didn’t want to run the risk of looking like every guitar boy on the market. I had seen Stephanie’s work before and always thought “When I book a photographer, it needs to be her.” Her shots are so unique and powerful; I knew she could help me capture the feel of what I was looking for. The overall experience was completely enjoyable. Aside from being a tremendous artist, Stephanie is polite and profession and just plain fun to work with! I’m not really comfortable being the subject of photos and I had a bit of anxiety going in, but that feeling didn’t stay long. If you are looking for a talented professional who will work hard to capture exactly what you are looking for, Stephanie is who you need. If you are looking for an artist who delights in her works and knows how to create living breathing moments, Stephanie is who you need. And if you are looking to just have a blast during a shoot, JUST BOOK STEPHANIE! I cannot wait to work with her again.” -Joseph Dubay, Musician

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