Stephanie Stein

Elements / Water

I’m ecstatic to finally share the first video in my elements series. Water.

I’ve been searching to find a way to merge my poetry and photography for some time now….and I finally got it.  I’ve always loved the ocean and being in and around the water. After being caught in a hurricane on a family vacation on a sail boat I developed some trauma about being on the water. I used to dread being on my family sailboat and even power boat. Through many years of rebuilding my relationship with the wave I finally am at peace. I have let go and can enjoy being on the water again. 

Thank you Laurlena for portraying the emotions I needed to express and being a muse for me in many ways.  

I hope you enjoy. 

Medusa Jeep

Medusa is giving us a run for our money. This bright yellow jeep is hot!

“Stephanie is amazing at what she does and her artwork is outstanding! She’s very comfortable to work with. She is a professional, friendly, and reliable. I would work with her many more times.” - Mikayla

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