Stephanie Stein

Toni Halloween shoot

I had the pleasure of photographing Antonia Lombardi of Apocalipstick Stylists. See her work hereL She SLAYED it. See below….

“I am very used to being at a photo shoot, but not so much in this way. As someone who has been uncomfortably with my body and with being in front of a camera in general, Stephanie made me instantly feel at ease with her incredible professionalism. As an artist, her spirit is palpable and clearly her passion shines through her work. I was awestruck with what Stephanie was able to bring out of me and look forward to not only recommending her to anyone i know looking for an excellent photographer but also to booking her for further personal and professional events.”

Kelly Portraits

Kelly is the owner of Mission yoga, my favorite studio in Charleston. I could listen to this woman talk forever! She wanted to do some lifestyle, casual shoots that were less posed, more raw and real. I had a blast chatting, exploring, giggling and especially entertaining the tourists that road by. 

“I have been teaching yoga for 15 years and I’ve had my picture taken a lot. I’ll be honest though, I don’t enjoy being under a microscope in that way. Stephanie really made me feel relaxed and allowed me to be playful. My guard came down and she was able to capture a very genuine representation of my personality. Her skill at capturing raw moments while editing and curating beautiful images is impressive. I love these photos. Beauty, rawness, realness and vulnerability are hard to come by in the world of self branding. Stephanie Stein captures and conveys these things with ease. I will work with her again I’m sure.”

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