Stephanie Stein

Alexa And Zoey Golden Birthday Shoot

Wishing these twins the HAPPIEST Birthday on their golden year. 
I honestly never heard of this concept until this shoot, I totally missed mine! 10/22/12 I turned 22. Do you still have time to celebrate yours or did you miss out too?

“My sister and I had photos taken for our birthday and had a wonderful experience! Stephanie was patient and flexible with our date when we had to reschedule. She gave us direct and helpful prompts during the shoot. She was relaxed yet attentive to our many ideas both before and during the shoot.  Plus, we recieved the edited photos within two days. Stephanie captured some really awesome photos of us, all the while was professional and super fun to work with!!” - Alexa

Healing JuJu

Within my photography I want to cultivate healing and surrender. When people step in front of my lens, they have to give in and trust that I will portray the message they are trying to show. This practice has been healing for me, as well as the people in front of my camera. I am grateful to have such amazing people to make into art. Without their willingness to create, I would not be able to make art
Healing JuJu practices the art of massage. JuJu is gifted in Thai massage, Reiki, Fire cupping, and Swedish massage. 
Model: Catoncea’ Denise

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